Do you have a business card?

Wow your company sounds great! Can I get your business card?  There goes a potential client and you don’t have  a business card to give to them. Instead you write down your information on a piece of paper , how embarrassing . A business card  gives you the opportunity for your business to make a […]

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan – Killer Instinct

Michael Jordan….  You may be asking, “Hey,  I thought your blog was about online business tools and strategies what does the legendary sports figure have to do with helping my business”.  Well, besides all the great accomplishments Michael Jordan had during his NBA career, his business savvy is just as great as his on court […]

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ALM logo


The launch has began!!! Welcome to my website . My name is Alonzo C. Perkins  I am a web/graphic/apparel designer. I have been developing and designing websites and graphic designs for over 6 years.  I specialize in helping small business/brands help develop their brand online and offline. For business owners and brands looking for a great […]

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