What is Arisen Lion Media

is a company that provides services for web design/development and consulting. Graphic and apparel design and development. Also there is a blog on tips about social media, increasing online exposure and sales.

What kind of website will I have

Your website will be created using WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management system. A full website can be build with a blog and e commerce store. You can just have a blog, a website+blog or all a website+blog+ e commerce store.

What web design packages do you offer

We currently have the 3 packages you can choose from Click Here for more details

Difference between a blog/website/eCommerce store.

A blog is a website that consist mostly of post. Post are content in are listed in reverse chronological order on your blog page. Example
Your post are meant to be timely, where you post content daily and weekly.
There will be a few other pages such as about and contact pages which are static.

A website will consist of mostly static pages ( one-off pages that have content on your home, about, contact and other pages. These pages can be updated when needed.
A blog can be also added to your website

A Ecommerce Store will be on your website or blog. Customer will be able to view products or service and purchase on your website.

All of these can be integrated together.

Social media integration

your social media sites you are on such as facebook, twitter and etc. are integrated with your website for your viewers to follow and share.
If you look to the homepage of this website you can see there is social media integration on the bottom of the pages in boxes called widgets.

Logo design

A vector and editable logo design for your business/brand , which will be integrated on your website , business card and etc.
Adobe Illustrator is use to create your logo. The original file for the design will be scalable to fit a business card or a big as a banner while maintaining it proportion of the original version. It is very important to have your logo design as an vector!

Responsive design

Your website will provide optimal layout on different media devices.

Mail list integration

Subscribe forms integrated through your website for customers to sign up. This will give you the customer email address where you can email through a email service (mail chimp).

What email marketing service do you use?

We use mail chimp; its is very customer friendly and has a free monthly service as well as a premium service. Other email service can be use such as Aweber, Constant Contact and etc. If you prefer the other besides mail chimp it may be an additional price due to it not being in the Web Design Package.

Business Card

Business card design for your business or brand.

What is a barcode?

 You can have a barcode on your business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. An example is you can have a barcode on your business card and when a person scans their phone  with your business card it can do a few different things.  The phone will open up a browser and  go to your website, facebook account, twitter, or what ever domain you choose of your liking. Or you can have your contact information in the bar and it will add on as a contact in the person phone.

Professional Branded email address

You will receive a email branded for your business. Example for the business website Marcus was giving an email address [email protected] This email address will be powered by The email address is an outlook account email, but is branded as your email for your business. So you are able to get all the benefits of an account such as mobile email and other features, while having it branded as your company website email.

What is hosting

Hosting is where your website content and url will be hosted, the company will be Hostgator.

What is a domain?

Is the url of your website- example

Hosting and Domain setup

Your website will be hosted by Hostgator. A one year package included in the web design package, after a year your hosting will needed to be renewed. (additional years can be added on when first purchasing or anytime before of after the renewal date ). Domain registration is the purchase of you url-example will be the domain of your business. If you already have purchased a domain it can be added to the hosting account Hostgator during the setup. (I will need the information where you bought your domain).

Web Security Monitor Service

Arisen Lion Media use Sucuri web monitor service on my website and other clients websites. Sucuri helps protects your website from viruses, malware attacks and etc. I highly recommend you use this service, I consider it website insurance. Contact me if you would like to learn more.

I already have a website can you redesign it

it all depends, I would have to inspect your current website to give you an answer. If you are interested go here to my contact page.

How long for my website to be build?

It can vary, but usually 1-3 months. It all depends what you need and how fast your are able to give me the information.

Will I be trained on how to work my website?

Yes, of course! You will receive free training! There will be over 30 training videos and 100 page online manual you will have access to learn and review.

More questions?

Click Here and send me your questions.


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